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How to visually increase your Apartment

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Not all of us can boast of a spacious apartment with several bathrooms, along which you can walk for hours without meeting your relatives. In reality, most people huddle in their tiny apartments with low ceilings. However, even such a modest home can be transformed. Let’s find out how to do it!

About prints. If you use a very large print in a small room, for example, huge flowers, the room will seem even smaller. Let it be better small: peas, flowers, etc. Again, such a coloring is not suitable for the whole room: your eyes will simply not bear it. You should only set the accents with the help of such prints.

About the light. A single chandelier located in the center of the room, especially if its light points clearly down, visually reduces the already small space. It would be better that the general upper lighting could uniformly illuminate the ceiling and walls. Flat lamps will be perfect for this purpose. You can also use the functional highlighting of specific places. For example, a sconce or floor lamp, the light from which is directed to the wall, will add to the space. Even an ordinary table lamp can visually expand the room if you turn it on in the evening, along with other light sources.

About the ceiling and floor. The ceiling should be lighter than the walls. The standard is white, matt. Glossy one shouldn’t be avoided. First, it will not add to your room. Secondly, it looks cheap and simplifies the whole interior.

If the ceiling is less than 2.6 m, forget about its decor, even the most common moldings will not work in this case. When the height is greater, you can choose for yourself some more interesting solution than just a white ceiling. For example, glue it with wallpaper. This is a very famous reception, but it is suitable for a height of 3 m and above. As for the floor, everything is very simple: ideally, it should be darker than the ceiling and walls. You can choose any materials.

About contrasts. There is another interesting way to visually expand the space: play on the contrasts. Typically, the standard apartment has a relatively small hallway. Paint it in some deep dark color, and make the room light, then it will seem bigger.

About the color of the walls. The color pod is very important. Choose a cold one. For example, the beige color, so beloved by people, literally “eats” the space. Following this rule, you can use even some rich colors, but not for all four walls at once. It is better to make an accent on one. The main function of such a wall is to attract a glance. You can also use several different tones of the same color. Let’s say you have a narrow room. In this case, on the walls that are closer to each other, you can make the color a little lighter (for example, light gray), but on those that are farther apart – a little darker (dark gray). Due to this, we visually align the geometry of space, we bring it to a certain square.

For an elongated room (with one window in the far corner on a short wall) you can make a sufficiently saturated color on the wall opposite to the window. When it comes just about a small room, of course, walls do not need to be shredded. Simply choose a light, cool shade.

About Photo Wallpapers. Not a bad decision, but you need to be very careful with photo wallpapers. Despite the fact that today is the year 2017, often in our stores you can find eerie pictures with waterfalls and birches from the distant nineties. Such method is recommended to be applied in some very small spaces, in bathrooms for example. When choosing wallpapers, make sure they are made of quality matte paper.

About textile. In many houses curtains hang from wall to wall. This turns the already small room into a real cubicle. Curtains on average should be wider than the window by 20 centimeters. If it’s a Roman curtain, then it should go outside the window to the wall for at least 5 centimeters. Even if the pipe sticks out – it’s okay. Paint it in the color of the wall. It is also important that the curtains could reach the floor.

It is good to place the cornice on the highest positioned. It should be attached to the wall. In fact, this moment is better to be thought of during the repair work: remove the cornice to the ceiling, if it can be leveled, for example, with plasterboard. Why not make a niche for the curtains at once? This, by the way, will save you money, because good cornices are expensive.

Heavy curtains are usually not necessary to be hang in all rooms, but only in the bedroom. In general, it is possible to achieve the “blackout” effect in other ways. For example, use a Roman curtain. Hang it along the window, and decorate it with light tulle or organza on top. Add spaces at the sides. There are also roller curtains, which, by the way, are being  underestimated by many people. These solutions are ideal for both the kitchen and the nursery, for example.

About furniture. First, do not use very dark colors, after all, the furniture should be light. If you want to add some dark tones, let them be interspersed: a black dresser, thumbs, something small.

Secondly, be careful with the choice of furniture at full height of the wall. For example, you want to put a bookshelf in a room. Let it be not 2 meters high and not from floor to ceiling, but 1.5 meters high. Due to the fact that you will see the continuation of the room behind it, the room will seem bigger than it really is. Transfer the furniture to the lower level.

When people hear such a recommendation, they usually start saying: “Where should we keep all the clothes and things, how to do without a closet?” However, we should always remember that we are making the space not for things, but for us! When people start to make repairs, it often turns out that they have some unnecessary and forgotten things on the balcony for ten years already. If you clear it, you can transfer your workplace there, to unload the apartment.

If possible, make a dressing room, pantry. It will be much better than putting a bunch of cabinets. Even a small pantry will contain much more than the same size cabinet.

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